For questions 1 and 2, determine whether the data can be modeled by a linear function, a quadratic function, a trigonometric function, or that there appears to be no relationship between x and y. For questions 3 - 5, pick the correct answer.

Student Name


Linear Function

Quadratic Function

Trigonometric Function

No Relationship


Linear Function

Quadratic Function

Trigonometric Function

No Relationship

3. Students in a lab measured the breaking strength S (in pounds) of wood 2 inches thick, x inches high; and 12 inches long. The results are given in the table. Use the model to approximate the breaking strength when x = 2.





4. The ordered pairs give the exposure index x of a carcinogenic substance and the cancer mortality y per 100,000 people in the population. (3.50, 150.1), (3.58, 133.1), (4.42, 132.9), (2.26, 116.7), (2.63, 140.7), (4.85, 165.5), (12.65, 210.7), (7.42, 181.0), (9.35, 213.4) Graph a linear model of the data and use the model to approximate y if x = 3.





5. A V8 car engine is coupled to a dynamometer and the horsepower y is measured at different engine speeds x (in thousands of revolutions per minute). The results are shown in the table. Use a graphing utility to plot the data and graph the model. (Scale equals x from -0.1 to 7 and y from -1 to 300.)

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