Polynomials are expressions such as 4x+2x+9x+4.

Adding Polynomials is a very simple concept

as long as you know the rules to adding them.

A typical Polynomial Addition Problem would look something like:

(2x+3x+7) + (6x+10x+1) = ?

When you add Polynomial equations

you can only add the numbers together

that have the same variables after the number.

For example, you could not add 5x and 4x together.

BUT you could add 5x and 4x together.

So, in the problem a few lines up, you could only add the 2x to the 6x

and only the 3x to the 10x

and only the 7 to the 1,

because they all have the same signs following the number.

So, the answer to the problem would be (8x+13x+8).

This concept is called the adding of "like terms."

Follow that simple rule and adding polynomials is very easy.